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Titanium AOP - Hydroxyl Radicals

destroy organic matter


Hydroxyl Radicals
destroy organic matter


Titanium AOP50 ready for installation
at the Royal London Hospital


BrightWater Titanium Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)

an environmentally friendly, chemical-free water purification system

The AOP system is a method of purifying water without the use of chemicals that has become established and grown in use rapidly throughout Europe and the Far East. The process has been shown to provide an exceptional capacity to decompose any organic and carbon based matter, and has started to revolutionise the way in which water treatment is being conducted around the world.

Until now if high organics loadings in the water needed to be controlled, unstable “high maintenance” chemical systems such as Ozone were required. Now the user has the option of using Titanium AOP that offers the highest destruction rates of organics but does so in a chemical free, simple to maintain and environmentally friendly package.


Titanium AOP – the water purification system designed to destroy organic matter alive or dead while preventing the formation of bio-films

The AOP system has been tested specifically on water with exceptionally high organic loadings and been seen to demonstrate the very highest destruction of these organics on numerous sites where improved results are achieved over traditional biocide and chemical systems.

Biofilm is naturally occurring phenomenon, which appears on virtually all material surfaces at the material/water interface. Biofilm itself consists of a huge variety of organic matter living and dead which thrive in warm water environments. The Biofilm builds because of the organic nutrients present in the water. The AOP has a marked effect on biofilm by oxidising and therefore destroying all carbon based material that passes through it. By oxidising all the organic matter entering the water system the biofilm has nothing to feed upon. The chemistry at work is explained here.

The result is that the AOP starves the biofilm and destroys its future building blocks. Take the tour of the AOP product.