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Specifying Hydro Cyclone Side Stream Filtration

Specification: Hard Water Scale Prevention System

A scale control unit shall be fitted to inhibit the formation of scale in the water system.

The unit shall be self-activating and have no external power, BMS or control panel requirement.

The unit should be installed on the incoming mains water supply (before the CWST), where possible and sized on flow rate (line size is an acceptable alternative where flow rate is not known).

The unit will operate by means of an electrolytic design that generates an Advanced Crystallisation Process (ACP). To comply and ensure maximum treatment takes place the unit shall have a minimum zinc release rate of 50ppb at the manufacturers maximum flow rate.

The anode weight must be sufficient to last a minimum of 5 years at the manufacturers maximum flow rate whilst achieving the designated zinc release rate.

The pressure drop should be below 0.3bar at the manufacturers maximum recommended flow rate.

The unit shall comprise of a brass body fitted with a zinc anode.

The joint between the Anode and cathode shall be factory sealed to ensure constant zinc release rates throughout the unit’s

operational life.

The unit is to be installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The unit shall have a warranty of not less than 10 years.

The scale control unit shall be manufactured by Brightwater

Environmental Ltd or equal and approved subject to a technical submittal demonstrating compliance with the above criteria.