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Specifying Titanium AOP

Two AOP 50 units at the Royal London Hospital

Skanska were keen to implement the environmentally friendly Titanium AOP system at the Royal London Hospital where innovation and utilising new ideas are part of the hospitals core values. The two AOP 50 units shown have been installed in parallel to provide the level of treatment required by Skanska in a demanding and prestigious hospital environment.

Specifying details for the Titanium AOP

  • The water purification and disinfection unit shall break down and destroy all waterborne contaminates, pollutants and carbon based matter by the use of Hydroxyl Radicals.
  • The purification and disinfection process will take place by means of an Advanced Oxidation Process.
  • Photo-Catalytic Oxidation will be created by photonic energy at wavelength 254nm and Titanium Dioxide that will generate Hydroxyl Radicals.
  • The body of the unit shall be of Titanium Dioxide to maximize the Photo-Catalytic reaction creating Hydroxyl Radicals.
  • The Photo-Catalytic Oxidation shall have a Redox Potential of 3.21 and the Hydroxyl Radicals a Redox Potential of 2.8 to ensure complete oxidation of all waterborne contaminates and organic matter.
  • No additives shall be used in the process and no harmful residuals shall be formed.
  • The unit shall include a full controls system that runs from a 230V 50Hz fused spur supply. The controls should include facilities for a remote control system, failure indications, UV intensity monitor, water temperature measurement, mild start function and soft heating function.
  • Water purification units shall be Titanium AOP from Brightwater Environmental Ltd or equal and approved subject to a technical submittal demonstrating compliance with the above criteria.