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Specifying Hydro Cyclone Side Stream Filtration

Cyclone Filtration Closed Recovery System

A side stream water filtration system shall be fitted to the closed water systems in accordance with BSRIA standard BG29/2012.

The water filtration system shall comprise of a cyclone filter for the removal of the suspended solids, biofouling, corrosion and scale. These solids shall be collected by means of a bag filter.

To ensure no contamination of the closed water system all metallic parts in contact with the water should be manufactured is stainless steel including the cyclone filter. In addition all pipework and the skid frame shall also be manufactured in stainless steel. All parts including the bag filter, gauges, connection points etc. should be contained within the footprint of the skid for protection from damage.

The filtration system should have no moving parts with the only maintenance being to change the bag filter.

The system must be configured to ensure that no backwashing or water loss occurs during the filtration process ensuring that the systems water chemistry is maintained.

The system shall have pump protection cut-out operated via a flow switch, a bag full alarm and contacts to give a remote signal for these events.

Cyclone Filtration Closed Water Recovery System shall be from Brightwater Environmental Ltd or equal and approved subject to a technical submittal demonstrating compliance with the above criteria.